2015 GG&SS Cage Renovation Project

After years (decades?) of attempts, GG&SS has finally secured approval from the administration to renovate the Cage on the P2 level of the McDonnough Garage.  In addition to moving the "wall" to provide substantially more secure storage, they're building in storage framing, installing an easy to open door, dramatically improving the lighting, and getting their our very own electrical outlet (how cool is that?)!  And look at this pretty picture of how it will look when finished:

Completed Cage Renovation












The project has a price tag, however.  It's a pretty modest $2,000 -- $1,200 for the electrical work and $800 for materials -- paired with volunteer labor, as always.

Can you pitch in a bit to help cover the costs?

$1,000.00 raised
GOAL: $2,000.00

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